She lamented for denying her visa to meet husband in Owerri

A 72-year-old retired cab driver, Angela Nwachukwu, has lamented the denial of visa to her Owerri, Imo State-based husband, CJ Nwachukwu.

Angela said she was frustrated because since her marriage to CJ in April 2015, she had only been able to see him two times.

The pensioner, who is based in Dorchester, Dorset, has three children aged 50, 47 and 43, with many grandchildren.

She has also been married twice and recently disengaged from a 16-year relationship.

According to an interview she had with a United Kingdom-based tabloid, The SUN, she said she met CJ on Facebook after the computer engineer sent her a message, complimenting her profile photo.

She noted that after chatting for three months, the 27-year-old asked for her hand in marriage and she agreed to marry him, adding that her trip to Nigeria for their wedding in 2015 was their first time of meeting face to face.

The grandma, however, lamented that since the marriage was consummated, CJ had been denied visa three times, saying she had spent over £20,000 visiting him and trying to get him into the UK.