Bomb scare in Western German City as residents forced to leave their homes

An unexploded American World War II shell in the Western German City on Saturday was defused by bomb disposal experts as trooping evacuation of residents were made also in Frankfurt to clear bigger bomb scare.

At least 20000 people migrated to Koblenz as the 1,100 pound bomb was defused successfully. Residents began to return back to their homes as soon as the bomb was successfully defused.

People had to leave their homes in Frankfurt about a day earlier to allow Royal Air Force bomb to be defused also. This kind has never surfaced like this since the war ended in Germany.

The British bomb found in central Frankfurt weighs 1.8 tons and its disposal, planned for Sunday, has prompted a much larger evacuation protocol, affecting more than 60,000 residents.

The police confirmed the attempt to enforce a 1,500-metre radius to the evacuation zone beginning from tomorrow, and residents also need to keep away from the zone till 1800 GMT

Decades after the end of World War II, it has been from one discovery of unexploded bomb to the other in Germany.