P-Square brothers in a fresh misunderstanding, see what caused it

This has started like fallacy that there has been misunderstanding between P-Square twin brothers for about some months now, the turn of things got worse in between them when Peter refused to congratulate nor pay his brother Paul a visit when the latter delivered a set of twins, even when outsiders like Tiwa Savage and others never ignored him, but paid him a congratulatory visit.

Yesterday, Peter Okoye of P-Square made things worse as he neither denied the rumour nor accepted, after a fan insinuated that they might be into fresh misunderstanding again.

Its all started when he made a post and called himself Mr P, remember he invented that name 'MrP' when the duo was having serious beef last year.

A reliable enquiry has revealed that the duo haven't seen for months, and Peter Okoye is yet to meet with his Brother's twins.

During their last breakup, Peter Okoye opened up that he always felt inferior because he doesn't have the music voice, all he knows is to dance, Maybe this time around he is feeling inferior because he is yet to have twins for himself.

Whatever that happens, both are brothers and matured men for that matter. So they should know how to put things in order by themselves.

Anyways, Eagle's News Media Blog promise to keep you abreast of all the subsequent developments.