Great jubilation as female soldiers celebrate ISIS defeat

Great jubilation shook Raqqa in Syria as Kurdish female soldiers celebrated the defeat of ISIS militants, whose disastrous rule over the city came an end, after almost 4 years of their brutality.

The female soldiers are Shanda Afreen, Avrim Difram, Wulat Romin and Sozdar Derik.

Afreen who has been fighting ISIS for four years said they fought for the freedom of women.

“The leader Abdullah Ocalan, (jailed founder of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party or PKK, a separatist group) has concentrated on women’s freedom, so we are fighting to free women and to liberate people mentally.

“Our fight is not only against ISIS, our fight is against the chauvinist mentality against women.

“Evil is not only from ISIS men; evil could come from women. Women need to educate themselves and evolve ideologically,” she said.

For 20-year-old Difram, she said she was gingered to fight on seeing most of her fellow fighter die in battle field.

“We are fighting to free the people who are under oppression and to free the leader, Abdullah Ocalan, who is imprisoned in Turkey,” she told CNN.

“Women were especially oppressed by ISIS in Raqqa. That’s another reason why we fight the terrorist group; we wanted to free women from oppression.”

Another female fighter, 24-year-old Romin, said:  “I fight for the freedom of the Kurdish people. I fight against injustice, for righteousness in general,” she said.

“And I fight for the freedom of women in particular.”

The forth female soldier Derik said: “I am fighting against the big oppression that has befallen our homeland and our women. ISIS see women as sex objects, as sub-human; we fight against that,” she said.