More Americans have been killed by Americans than they have been killed by terrorists

Statistics are there in the public for everyone to see. More Americans have been killed by Americans than they have been killed by terrorists. 99% of those killings are unnecessary and senseless, which could have been prevented if the government of America has put in place gun control law, long before now.

However, America's government are always quick to poke nose into the affairs of far away countries and alleged that these countries are manufacturing nuclear weapons and that they will move to protect their interest. There are many case studies to this. The killing of Saddam Hussein based on false allegations is a good example. The sanction of Iran is another one. The arming of rebels which eventually led to war of more than 6years in Syria is another one.

The creation of some of the worlds deadliest terrorist groups such as AlQaeda and ISIS is the handiwork of America's government. They have confessed to this, therefore, it is not a false allegation. The recent outburst and counter outburst over the events of the Pong yang authority in North Korea, where President Donald Trump was seeing drumming the beat of war at the just concluded UN general council meeting is another example.

All of these in the name of "we are protecting our interests", while the main and real interests are left to die untimely death due to negligence on the part of the the government. The question is what exactly is/are the interest(s) America is protecting? The business outside America that face no real threat or the citizens inside America that are left to die unnecessary and untimely death because the government refuse to do the needful cum the right thing and bold step?

It is not a curse, but truth must be told. Until America's government put the right law in place in terms of controlling the handling of guns. Americans will continue to kill themselves.

Loosing 58 people while more than 500 were injured in one day is too much to bear. Wake up the people of America. Make the noise and ask your government to do the right thing.

May the souls of those who died rest in peace. And may their family find solace and comfort to accept this irreplaceable lost.