Strange but true: CCTV camera captures a live terrifying ghost in a Secondary School [VIDEO]

A CCTV camera in a school in the Republic of Ireland reportedly captured a strange movement that can only be attributed to a ghost.

The footage was released by Deerpark CBS in Cork, Republic of Ireland.

The footage started with a big bang and some strange flashes, that seem to be coming from behind a closed door, in the space of minutes, lockers began to shake uncontrollably, as reported by Irish Mirror.

It was clear that there were no signs that anyone was in the corridor, and neither has anyone walked in through the corridor.

It got more horrible moments later, when a locker door flies open without a visible artificial control, and all the papers and books in it were scattered on the floor.

Just for good measure, at the end of the footage, the wet floor sign that has been placed outside the toilets is knocked over.

The footage appears to have been captured around 3am on October 1, 2017, a Sunday morning when the school would have been closed for the weekend.

Whether or not it is actually a ghost or a prank by students is anyone's guess.

Watch the video below;