Testimony: How I was saved from a well dressed and innocent looking kidnapper in Mowe

The real life testimony of a woman that found herself in the hands of a well dressed, innocent and Christian looking kidnapper in Mowe-Ibafo road, Ogun State.

ENMB gathered that the age of the young looking man could be between 25 and 27 years. She said he only asked for a lift from Mowe to Ibafo, which she granted due to his physical appearance.

This testimony seems to be a wake up call to everyone, so as for all to be security conscious and be on the alert, as anyone can not be trusted in this time of recession noise, when everyone wants to make headway by every possible means.

The testimony was written and forwarded while she was still in the shock of the incident.

Below is the unedited testimony;

Good afternoon everyone in the house, how has been our day?
*Please take time to read this, its a testimony of my journey today 4/10/2017*
It happened like this; I was out to office for a meeting at around 9.30am (though today is my day off but the meeting was important) 
I had for long purposed in my heart not to lift anybody while driving, and I've been keeping to that, like 3-4 people waved me down before I reached Mowe bus stop, I never answered anyone, on getting to mowe, as I slowed down to join the express, *one cool guy, well dressed in shirt turned in in his well Ironed trousers walked up to me* (in fact his appearance was like a born again Christian) and said with his body bent in humility "madam se e ma de ibafo"? Asking me if I will reach ibafo, I said yes, he said again please can you lift I asked him to come them we moved on, I had some trash inside my car, when I reached where I will trash it o pulled over, as I was trafficating he asked why do I want to wait, I said I want to throw away these trash, I got out of the car, I threw those things away he never helped me, them I became uncomfortable with him and I was in fear, then I began to sing a song "Kristi ki ijoba re de" I sang like 4 or 5 stanzers, *i was deeply in the spirit* all of a sudden he just said madam, I answered yes, you will need to cooperate with me and do as I say, I said *what?*he said turn your car at that turning, as at that time we were about to reach a turning point, the only thing that came out of my mouth is *see i can't drive again but I can stop*,by that time I have passed the turning point because I was driving so fast, he was trying to bring something (maybe gun) out of his pocket. 
Brethren,  as I was matching the brake, my right hand was removing the seat belt while the other hand opening the door, and immediately I jumped out of the car, he held me back and I punched him I ran out shouting help! help!.....  All of a sudden I heard the car door slammed, as I looked back and I saw him ran away from my car, then I ran towards the car entered and zoomed off. 
This is my story today.
Please find time during your family altars to bless God on behalf my household and I.
*the psalmist says; yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff they comfort me*

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