235 corpses recovered in Egypt's mosque bomb attack [PHOTOS]

According to report reaching us, 235 corpses have been recovered so far in a wicked bomb attack to a Mosque in Egypt on Friday, which happens to be the deadliest recorded in Egypt's modern history.

The explosion which came after Islamist militants allegedly detonated a bomb inside a fully populated mosque on Friday, and also shot at panicked worshipers who fled the building, 109 people were also wounded as reported.

Though no one has claimed responsibility for the attack that occurred in a small town in the insurgency-racked Sinai Peninsula, but the strike bears the hallmarks of an attack by Islamic State of Iran and Syrian (ISIS). Witnesses also claimed that the attackers also opened fire on ambulances and anything at sight.

The mosque is known as the birthplace of an important Sufi cleric. Sufism is a mystical branch of Islam that some ultra-orthodox Muslims consider heretical.

In a short, televised speech after meeting with security officials, Sisi said, “We will respond to this act with brute force against these terrorists. This terrorist act will strengthen our resolve, steadfastness and will to stand up to, resist and battle against terrorism.”

See photos of some victims below;