Advice me on how to deal with my stingy husband - housewife calls out

When it comes to family affairs, many unthinkable and funny things can never cease to happen. A facebook user identified as Edward E Onoriode took to his wall to post what a housewife posted on her wall, asking for advice on how to deal with her stingy husband.

Although, the amount she mentioned that her husband gives her in a week for just soup is way enough for some families to live for a month, with this economic situation of our country, except if the man works in an oil company, where their salaries are paid regularly.

Read the post below;

From Mamalet wall.
"Good day house, please my sisters, I need your advice on how to deal with my stingy husband o. He is terrible at giving me money but he is always expecting the best from me in terms of food. You won't believe that in a week, my husband gives me 15000 Naira for soup and I when I cook simple meals that he can get for that amount like fish stew, he would complain that he is giving me money so that he would be eating snails, turkey, catfish etc not to be eating shredded kote fish inside stew, I keep telling him that if he wants to eat good stew, he should give me 50k per week because that is the amount his friend gives his wife and he knows o because he keeps coming to tell me how his friend enjoys all kinds of food that when he eats in their house it is like buffet and him and this is friend are doing the same job o, so me too I started giving him the food his money is worth because out of the 15k, 10k is for my own upkeep whether he likes it or not. Now the problem I am having is since monaday now, he has not dropped money for this week, all he dropped was 2k, he said that is enough for fish stew. Please house, how do I get him to drop more?"