Leave me alone, I am not a gay - Tboss's brother, Christopher Idowu cries out

The brother to T-Boss, Christopher Idowu, took to Instagram to disclaim the notions that termed him as gay as some people thought he was, he cried out that he is not a gay.

This reaction came after so many embarrassing text messages he reported to have been receiving from some confused clans.

He posted the caption of a conversation he had with an alleged gay, sending him some different gesture of gay identification. Read below;

"Just because I don't post up pictures with different girls on my profile or flirt around doesn't make me gay. I'm tired of getting messages like this everyday, even telling me good luck 😬. For now the only special people in my life are my sisters and my mum and soon when that girl comes around and it's serious you all will see but I'm definitely not gay don't be S****d"