My yahoo plus friend used his mom for money ritual - friend calls out

A Nigerian Facebook user, identified as Oseni Omo Baba Olowo, took to is page to call out his "yahoo plus" friend, who he claimed used his mom for money ritual.

Yahoo and Yahoo plus are now the alternatives for some young men who cannot think of the next line of action for their lives. In their desperate quest to get money, so as to buy cars, build houses and buy all sort of expensive things -- many of them have landed themselves in the journey of no return due to their lack of patience to work and be rich legitimately.

Oseni who said he regrets ever being his friend, wrote;

“This life is vanity upon vanity…..A friend of mine went to use his mom to do yahoo plus because he wants to buy car and fuck pussy and dey buy casket for clubs….I really regret that he’s my friend…..Not all yahoo boys you see dem money clear just watch your move…..May God help us”