Lady narrates how her debtor transferred N100,000 to her account instead of N10,000

A lady, who is a twitter user with username @HeartOfGold_ narrated how her friend that owed her a sum of N30,000 for a long time, agreed to pay just N10000 out of the debt mistakenly transferred N100,000 to  her account.

She revealed that her debtor had earlier claimed that she have just N12000 in her account and would only spare N10,000 for the debt. She agreed, Lo and Behold, she woke up to a N100,000 credit alert, and several missed calls from her debtor.

Read her post below;

“This girl has been owing me 30k for months now & has refused to pay.”

“Yesterday I begged her to give me even if it’s half & forget the rest. She said she has only about 12k in her account and can only afford to send 10k.”

“As half bread is better than none, I told her to send the 10.”

“I woke up to an alert of 100k with like 25 missed calls (phone always on silent at night) and several messages begging me to transfer 90k back to her. That she made a mistake she wanted to send 10k and added one extra 0.”

“This my God is too much. Jehovah overdo.”