See the pre-wedding photos of a 19-year-old boy getting married to 15-year-old girl

The pre-wedding photos of a 19-year-old boy and 15-year-old girl, who are getting prepared to get married and become one of the youngest couples in town have gone viral for a very obvious reasons.

The duo was seen posing with different different attires in their pre-wedding photos posted.

With there countenance, it is quite obvious that both of them are very ready for this and can't wait to get married. But for the fact that they are young and should probably be in school, may be people would have found their styles adorable and worthy of emulation.

Whatever people could be saying about early marriage, or majority may have concluded that the duo should be in school by now, what is so clear now is that the two are getting married and about to start life together.

See more photos below;