Strange: 90-year-old man got married to 83-year-old woman in Uganda (photos)

A 90-year-old man, identified as Rwakaikara got married to 83-year-old woman on Wednesday in Uganda.

Although it could sound strange and weird, but no marriage can be looked down on, no matter the ages of the couple, because is always honourable to God.

The wedding ceremony was held at St. James Cathedral, Kigorobya, Hoima District and presided over by the retired bishop of Bunyoro Kitara Diocese, Nathan Kyamanywa.

Bishop Kyamanywa told the congregation that it was not too late to take God’s way, thanking the couple for patiently waiting for their special day.

He said the couple has challenged the young generation to also follow the way of God. He said in his pastoral work, he had never wedded a couple of this age and this has been a blessing to him.