Actor Muyiwa Ademola shares lovely throwback story of a challenging moment in 200L

Nollywood veteran Yoruba actor, Muyiwa Ademola shared throwback story of a challenging moment he once faced while in 200L.

He recalled that the number of the lovers of his show back then was getting tremendous, so it was so challenging to deal with such a huge number using the same system he had been using from unset.

Read his short and precise story;

Let’s throw back to my 200 level when my show became so popular on campus yet no fund. I was tired of cutting stencils as always and really wanted to have a poster from the press at least . 2000 copies wasn’t an easy thing to hand write or cut. @taiwoibikunle told me he knows a guy who could help. He added that he likes supporting youth and he likes our show Efrebor already. Taiwo with his good friend Apena took us @sunkanmiadebayo and I to @authenticmuy ‘s house somewhere around Ashi . I remember clearly he was watching his India film that year. Long story short, he came to our aid and all is history. Thanks for coming thru during my little beginning . I will say this always every time I have the chance to. You’re getting your roses here chief. Your children will always find help. Cheers to you boss #madeinIbadan - #regrann