First set of quintuplets to be born in Nigeria are now 17, see their now and then photos

Children are the heritage of the Lord, it is beautiful to be blessed with children and to be blessed to raise them. Nigeria got loads of blessings 17 years ago through the Nwankwo family, as God gifted them a set of quintuplets back then.

The gift of the set of 5 babies which were three girls and two boys, and they happen to be the first set to be born in Nigeria.

According to Yabaleftonline, the quintuplets turned seventeen years old yesterday January 10, 2018.

The birth of the children made headlines in Nigeria as it had never happened up until then.

The good part is that the children are all grown now and the look so cute, lively and radiant.

They shared their photos online and one can only wish for a bundle of joy like these children.

See more photos of the Nwankwos below;