My journey into Islam - Beautiful but single actress, Lizzy Anjorin shares her story

Nollywood beautiful but single actressLizzy Anjorin took to her Instagram page to share the story of how she journeyed into Islam. The actress referred to this version as Part 1.

Read her exclusive story below;

Prt 1....My journey into ISLAM. ..
On the 8th of January 2012.  I called my uncle, Baba Lanre...please, come and help me give my mum her food stuffs, drugs and monthly allowance. There will be strike tomorrow. My uncle left. At exactly 12:30 pm that same day, Baba Lanre  called. "Solape, Eganmidogo. Mama ti ku oo". I laughed and end the call. He called back again. "Didn't you hear what I said? Mama ti ku. Infact she had fish in her hand and her mouth. Then I realised what has hit me, I picked my car key and rushed down to where she was. That was the day I realised that if any child decide to be a bad child you will face your shame alone..because where you are suppose to spend money ti o ba ri owo yo that shame can ruin you ....hmmm. But meanwhile, two days before that day. My able Speaker of Lagos State Hon. Mudashir Obasa  was an Honourable Member before he became the Speaker. I use to drop any of my goods  in his office. I don't know if he took out of the goods or not...kokanmi. I know Egbon will pay for the goods. Once I spoil my mouth and say Egbon Mi, patronise me don't let me be jobless. He will just say oya drop it ..atimes I will drop over size palm slippers ..he will say Lizzy this slippers is to big ....I will say Egbon Mi, please give it to your Ward members 🤣😂. Hon. called me that faithful Friday.  He said, "Lizzy where are you? Come and collect your money. There will be strike on Monday or do you have any money that will sustain  you during the strike"? I shouted ... rara sir o, I am behind your office sir. I spent the whole day hustling up and down somewhere in  Ogun State to sell my WosiWosi. He called  around 11am in the morning . This Egbon waited in his office till 6:30pm. He paid me my money and also gave me....Part 2 Loading....#ParentOverEvrything #TakecareofyourparentIfyouHaveOne

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