Old age blessing - See as Nigerian man shows off his 145-year-old grandfather (photos)

Old age is an obvious gift from heaven, not everyone possesses the grace to live longer, and it is everyone's prayer to live longer on earth in order to see their grandchildren become great before their eyes.

Recall that Eagles News Media Blog reported a birthday party thrown for two aged grandmothers by their own grandchildren a couple of days ago, shows well that old age is indeed a God's blessing.

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This has also brought about a Nigerian man, identified as Ikenna Ofodile, who took to Facebook to share photos of his 145-year-old Grandfather with joy all over his face.

He also shared photos of his grandmother, but he didn’t reveal her age.

Read what he wrote as he showed off his grandparents;

"Old Age Is A Blessing From Above, Remember Your Elderly"