See actress Regina Daniels secret wedding in pictures, so surprising (photos)

This looked so real in the beginning, as if Regina Daniels has indeed got married without letting the world and her dedicated fans know, even if we have to look by her present age and ignore maturity, she isn't ripe enough for marriage, but before we got confused by her surprising wedding in pictures, we realized she only played the role of a brides maid in a popular movie producer's wedding.

Lots of questions were raised after she posted some wedding photos via her Instagram page.

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Congratulations to the boss of Crystal Touch Productions, as he tied the knot yesterday.

See more photos below;


  1. Woah! That’s a completely different looking dress but surprisingly she is carrying it really well. She looks beautiful here! I attended a wedding last year in one of the San Francisco wedding venues where the bride had worn something like this only, but she didn’t carry it that gracefully.


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