See how a highly venomous snake bites, kills 9-year-old girl while in bed (photos)

A 9-year-old girl was reportedly killed by a highly venomous snake after she was bitten on the tip of her finger while she was in bed.

Prapawee Prawat went to sleep on a mattress laid out on the concrete floor of her family home in Surat Thani, Thailand, at 7.30pm on Tuesday night. 

Her family walked in on Wednesday morning to find her lifeless body lying near the deadly two-metre snake. 

Prapawee’s grandmother Lung Chu, 70, walked in to wake her up but found her unresponsive wearing her yellow football shirt. 

Police and rescue workers arrived and noticed a small swollen red bite mark on her finger. 

They then discovered the two-metre-long cobra under the bed. 

Residents battered the deadly black reptile to death before Prapawee was taken to hospital for a post-mortem examination to confirm her cause of death.

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