Over 90% of southern Nigerian women are prostitutes - Northern man remarks

A Nigerian man, who is presumably a northerner has intentionally called for the grievances of southerners as he labeled over 90% of their women prostitutes.

He made this known via his twitter handle with username @zikirillahi. In a series of tweets and remarks, he claimed that the southern part of any country is always the cause of problems in the country. This he said using popular HBO series, Game of Thrones as an example.

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Read his tweets below.

In any country where there is South and North all the problem encounter by the state is from the Southern region. Even the famous TV Show “Game of Thrones” characterize South with House of betrayal, Lies, No Mercy, brothel, brother nd Sister intercourse, fake promises, injustice.

While Northerner are full people of integrity, people if their words, No fake promises “i’m no gonna swore an oath i can’t keep, When the North people make false promises words stop meaning anything – Jon Snow”

This exactly what’s happening in Nigeria. All Southern know that fornication is sin, Yet they commit it, brag about it nd make thread about it. How will u expect that people to respect other people’s religion while they can’t even respect their OWN.

Over 90% of those southern women are prostitute either Ashwo, run girl or having sexual intercourse in the name of relationship.


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