Why I did not speak on incessant killings of innocent citizens - Pastor Adeboye reveals

The General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) Worldwide, Pastor E.A Adeboye revealed during the just concluded February Holy Ghost night, why he did not speak on incessant killings of innocent citizens despite calls by people for him to speak out.

The pastor said he belongs to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) both of which have leaders who have spoken on the issues on behalf of their members, including himself.

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But last night he decided to talk about the killings to members of the church in his capacity as their General Overseer. He chose to address the issues mathematically by reducing them to simultaneous equations to derive an answer.

Pastor Adeboye, a former university teacher, has a doctorate degree in mathematics. The equations, according to him, are:

· There are certain problems beyond man

· There is no problem beyond God

· Man can hide from his fellow man

· No man can hide from God

· Security agents can be compromised

· God cannot be compromised. His holiness is not negotiable and cannot be compromised.

· Man can sponsor evil

· God cannot sponsor evil

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The answer to the equations solved simultaneously, he said, is just one answer; which is that “a prayer warrior is more effective than an activist”.

He described the correlation of answer to the tendency of enemies and some children of God to underrate the power of prayer. He then led the congregation in a series of prayers for the killers, people who connive with them and their sponsors to be exposed by God and dealt with.

Praying in a similar vein earlier, his wife, Folu Adeboye, who led congregational prayers for nations, pleaded for God to grant Nigeria victory over its challenges this month of February.

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In his main sermon, which was a continuation of the church’s sermon series, titled “stronger than the enemy,” the General Overseer, likened the problems of individuals and nations to mountains, which can be moved by faith.

Recalling one of his prophecies for the year that “erstwhile stubborn mountains will move,” he called on the congregation to tackle their mountains head on.

He then highlighted the strategies to deal with mountains, leading the congregation in aggressive prayers to activate each of them at the service, which was largely devoted to prayers.

He advised strongly against tolerating one’s mountains because that makes the mountain remain; rather they should be confronted. “Don’t pretend there is no mountain, don’t ignore your problem, confront it,” he stressed.

He also advised against the practice of taking problems to fellow men always, instead of God. He cited the example of a barren woman who a pastor was avoiding, but had 5 children after crying out directly to God.