Young lady cancels wedding with fiance after she made unbearable discovery about him

A heartbroken young lady and Twitter user identified as Puly (PulyBeast) has taken to the social platform to disclose that her upcoming wedding, #SiyaJola2018, has been officially cancelled. She made this decision after she made an unbearable discovery about his fiance.

The young lady who had few months ago, wholeheartedly celebrated her man on social media, revealed that she cancelled the wedding after finding out that her fiance has a child who is turning a year old and also has another fiancee.

The lady wrote in a post to announce the cancellation of the wedding.

"When you find out a year into your relationship that your boyfriend has a child who is turning a year old and has a fiance. #Siyajola2018 is officially cancelled". 

She also wrote thus in another post;

"Not anymore. he has a fiance. he has a child. he has 5 other girlfriends one "supposedly" got pregnant and she had a miscarriage. he went on dates and asked girls to date him. he told them I was only a friend. All this while he was dating me."