Could this be miracle or magic? as South African pastor turns water to petrol (photos)

A South African pastor who reportedly turned water into petrol during one of their services has led many members of his Church into an emotional moment, lots of them were left to tears as they witnessed the unusual miracle.

According to a post shared on Facebook, the pastor had asked his members to bring bottles of water to church and asked those who believed that he could turn it from water to petrol to come to the altar so he could perform the miracle.

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After praying ‘militantly’ and ‘instantly’, the colour and the smell of the water changed to petrol and this led the congregation to tears.

The Prophet named Jacob is currently trending on social media for this purpose, but let's look closely, could this be called a Miracle or magic? Because Jesus Christ who is the head of the church performed all his miracles with purpose.

Jesus turned water to wine during marriage at Cana of Galilee because they were short of wine which could have disrupted the joy of the wedding, but were they short of petrol in his church? Christians seek not yet repose, be vigilant in this era of miracles and prophets.

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See the post as it reads below;

During our Friday Easter Convocation prophet Jacob asked people to bring bottles of water from their homes and surprisingly said “DO YOU BELIEVE WE CAN TURN THIS WATER INTO PETROL” ,continued by telling the congregation to bring the bottles on the alter and he prayed with militancy and instantly the color and the smell of the water change and caught fire which was so massive and people were moved into awe.

#Believe it or not
#Miracles still happen today

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