How a female corps member died at Kwara NYSC orientation camp on Thursday

A female corps member has reportedly died at the Kwara NYSC orientation camp after a bone fracture during morning Man O War drill. The National Youth Service Corps Kwara camp is said to be located at Yikpata, Edu Local government area of the state.

The corps member named Eva Iche Amadi, was a graduate of Oil & Gas, University of Port-Harcourt. She reportedly suffered a bone fraction during the morning drill on April 23 after which she was rushed to the camp clinic.

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According to a corps member who spoke on the condition of anonymity to Sahara Reporters, Amadi died due to lack of adequate medical facility at the camp on Thursday.

The source said, “She suffered a fracture during the Man ‘O’ War drill and she was rushed to the clinic here on camp, but there was no medical facility. No X-Ray Machine, no drugs, nothing was there. She had to buy bandages with her own money. There was no doctor, it was the medical students here that were stationed at the clinic.”

The source stated that the distance of a hospital to the camp is part of what contributed to the unfortunate event.

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“Can you imagine that the nearest hospital to this place is about 2 hours drive on high speed? We need major facilities here. Nigerian government will force us here to come and suffer and die in poor conditions," the source said.

Sudden deaths at the NYSC orientation camps have been common over the years, and some of these have been attributed to negligence and lack of good medical facilities within the camps. There is need for this to be checked by the present government to avert incidents such as this.