NPower 2017: what successfully verified applicants must know

Many applicants and supposed beneficiaries of NPower had been anticipating about the release of the successfully verified applicants. The good news went viral on Monday when NPower made it known that applicants can now go to its designated website to check whether they have been successfully verified.

While majority shouted for joy for being successfully verified, many were still found wanting as their journeys with hope in NPower programme were dashed.

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To the lucky and the successful ones, below are those things you must know and take note to grant you successful transition onboard.

For the 2017 applicants who finally made it.

Note that your NPVN Profile is your secret Zone. You should not reveal your password to anyone, keep it to your self alone.

Remember you were subjected to use OTP code to get access to that private zone.

OTP means One Time Password, it is used for security purpose while transacting online to safe guard your account from fraudsters.  Only an authentic owner of an account can receive a unique OTP code to  transact securely.

Please do not reveal your password, bvn, acct number publicly.

According to Npower, before you begin updating your NPVN Profile, please ensure that your image fits the requirements below

1. Only JPEG, JPG, PNG, (no animated) GIF
2. Minimum height of 100px
3. Maximum file size 1MB