Eniola Ajao reveals why people think she is dating Odunlade Adekola

Eniola Ajao who is believed to be one of the hottest and smartest actresses in Nigerian movie industry, has revealed why people think she is dating fellow Nollywood actor, Odunlade Adekola.

With over 75 movies to her name and credit, the UNILAG graduate of Accounting is still hungry for roles. In this interview, Eniola opens up on her career and relationship.

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Many people believed that the duo are romantically relating, while some claimed that the relationship has even produced a child. Let's now hear from Eniola Ajao as she gave her verdict concerning the lingering rumour in the interview below.

Tell me about your background.

Eniola Ajao is from Epe in Lagos State. My twin sister and I are the last born of the family of six. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon but we are not poor.

You look so beautiful, what’s the secret of your beauty?

Nothing too serious, it’s just my normal daily beauty routine.

Is Eniola Ajao married?

I am not married but I am in a very serious relationship.

Hope your man is coping well with your relationship with your boss, Odunlade?

There’s no special relationship between my boss and I than that of an apprentice to a master. We are many (actors) under him and he treats us equally.

I mean your closeness to him, because you are his favourite

No, I am not his favourite. What of Tunde Owokoniran? Is it because he’s a male? If Tunde were a female, maybe people would have gotten that same feeling.

But what about some of your fans out there that feel you guys are dating?

Oh no! We are not dating o, I’m in his group, I’m subjected to him and he just has to make use of me. I hope that’s well stated.

But hope it’s not affecting your relationship with your man?

Never, not at all. My man knows him very well

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Recently, Odunlade planned a surprise birthday for the actress, Eniola Ajao. The actress turned a year older on Sunday, January 21, 2018, and got a number of cakes from friends. She then took out time to thank her “friends and daddies” in the industry including Yinka Quadri, Odunlade Adekola for supporting her all through her career.

Let’s just say, Eniola didn’t see what Odunlade had waiting for her as he persuaded her to attend a birthday on Sunday, January 28, 2018, in collaboration with Taiwo Bankole. On getting to the party, she got the shocker as it was her own surprise birthday party.

A very excited Eniola then took to her Instagram page where she thanked everyone who showed up to celebrate with her. She also posted a number of photos from the event.

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In attendance at the party were her close friends, notable colleagues in the Yoruba Nollywood industry and family members who showed up to support the actress and mark the special day with her.

Of course, the guy behind the surprise party, Odunlade was also on hand to celebrate with Eniola Ajao.