Scary things a cultist confessed after being arrested by the police

28-year-old Azeez Idris, who is suspected to be Eiye cult member has confessed scary things they exhibit as cultists after he was arrested by the police in Lagos. He narrated that wearing red clothes any day by his members connote that they are going out to kill and it's a must to shed blood that very day.

Idris confessed that their strength is derived from wearing red clothes whenever they are going on operations.

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Other arrested suspects are Andrew Awalebi (38), Wale Oyekan (40), Uche Igbo (38), John Dayo (20), Tajudeen Oluwatosin (30), Azeez Olayeni (21), Femi Orijobi (21) and Joseph Kolawole (22).

They were all arrested on May 9 at Jakande Estate, Lekki, when going to carry out an attack on their rival group in the area.

Idris said: “I was initiated into the Eiye cult group in 2013 by Johnbull. He approached me and said he wanted me to be part of them and promised to defend me when I was in trouble.

It is true we always wear red but on the operations that they arrest us, I did not go with them. I was sleeping when policemen came to arrest me. I had been to prison twice because of cult-related issues.

When I was released from prison I did not intend to join the group, but I joined when my colleagues threatened to kill me. Since I joined the Eiye group, I have not killed, but, I am the one carrying the guns we use for operations.

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I am not the leader of the group; the leader of our group is Jide. He was arrested when we went to fight and remanded in prison.

As a member, we always assist one another who are in need of money or if such a person is being threatened we would go and give the person protection. I regret joining the group. After I joined I couldn’t leave for fear of being killed.”