Thief surrenders himself after what he stole got stuck to his head (photos)

Wonders shall never end, mostly in Africa, as a suspected thief reportedly surrendered willingly to the police after the load of what he stole got permanently stuck to his head in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

According to reports, the suspect stole a bag of maize from a farmer, not knowing that the man had protected it with voodoo. The bag got stuck to his head and the suspect was only relieved when police took him to the farmer that owns the stolen property.

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Read as our tuko reported the strange incident;

An unlucky thief was forced to surrender himself to authorities in Tanzania, after a sack of maize he had stolen stuck on his back.

Frank Japhet, a resident of Dar es Salaam, was subjected to hours of unprecedented torture after the 20 kilograms’ sack literally wouldn’t get off his back, hours after he stole it.

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See more photos below;