Inside Russian President's private jet that looks like a hotel (photos)

Traveling is a lot of fun for Russian President, Vladimir Putin, as the inside of his private jet looks like a hotel, so complete with a gym, bedroom and conference room.

Forget long check-in queues or lack of leg room in a cramped plane, Presidents get their own glamorous jets as they travel around the globe.

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The Russian President will not be slumming it in one of the four private IL-96-300PU planes he flies in, each of which are reported to cost around £390million.

Putin flies in one of four planes, but the specific one he’s using isn’t known until take-off for security reasons.

The customised Jet he flew to Helsinki with was seriously opulent. Decor includes golden hues, white leather furniture, and marble-esque features.

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From a gold-plated toilet to a king sized bed and even a gym, these astonishing pictures show the lavish interior of one of Putin’s private jets.

The specific plane to be used by Putin is not known until take-off. After the choice is made, either one or all three of the remaining planes follow the president as back-up.

And he can call upon 68 fighter jets from the special Russian Aerospace Forces to repel attacks.

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Photographs of the interiors were leaked onto the internet several years ago and caused outrage among Russian citizens.