Old woman abandoned by children after pastor accused her of being a witch

It seems they still live a backward and uncivilized life at some corners of Nigeria, Delta state to be precised, as an old woman was allegedly abandoned by her children after a pastor accused of being a witch.

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According to the Instagram user who shared the touching video and photos, the old woman is currently nursing a wound in her leg and because she wasn’t responding to treatment, she was then convicted of being a witch by her accusers.

Read the account of the Instagram user below;

The old woman in this video claimed to have been abandoned by her children who she also claimed to have been living with in the neighbouring community just because she has a leg wound and a pastor told them that she is a witch that is why the wound in her leg is not responding to treatment and that the solution is to send her away before she commits more havoc…now according to her she has 3kids and they are alive, she didn’t kill anyone nor has any diabolical power…it rains on her daily as the roof of the hut she resides is leaking,her leg wound has worsened and she can hardly feed now she is calling on well meaning people over the world to assist her with anything to sustain her life..All i saw in the hut was a small fireplace to generate heat as the downpour gets heavier and a few empty pots Witch or no witch she deserves to live.
The incident is happening in Owehlogbo, Isoko north local government of Delta state..

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Watch the video of her interview below;

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