Lady lists qualities husband must possess, number 1 will shock you

Nigerian lady identified as Winnie has in her opinion taken to Twitter to list the qualities husband must possess, but the number 1 on the list is a bit shocking.

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According to the lady with twitter account @WitWinnie, he must be a first class candidate, both in thought and academically.

The lady went further to mention that he must also have a very good job, which could either be a government or multi-national job.

However, she also mentioned that he must be God-fearing and money does not really matter as that can easily come by.

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Read her tweets below;


1.First Class (Academically/Thoughts)
2. Street Smart 
3. Feminist
4. Well Raised 
6.Very good Government Job or Multinationals)
7.Kind and humble 
8.Calm and Collected (I hate talkatives. I love very intelligent listeners. They listen to grab, dissect and drop

For the very shallow men, please do not make this about gender war. This is me saying what I will have and not about anyone. Trust me, I have 💯 qualities mentioned there. Did you see “super cute, tall, six packs?” Nah! Why? Because not important to me. Don’t chat shit here

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Lastly, yes I have dated these kinda men, dating  and still have these kinda men as friends and family. So I know what I’m saying. Don’t tell me I’d have to mould them. They are in my life. My world is not your world ☺️