Man caught in the act after 9 rounds of sex with goat for money ritual

Desperation to get quick money is making some people going crazy by involving in crazy things, but this that a Beitbridge young man named Kudakwashe Hondoro, did deserves to be described beyond nonsensical, after he acted on the advice of a sangoma, (which is known as traditional healer or diviner in South Africa) who instructed him to have 10 rounds of sex with a goat for money ritual, but was unlucky as he was caught in the act at 10th round after completing 9 rounds already.

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Community members who had been disturbed by the continuous bleating of the goat decided to investigate and busted Hondoro pants down in the act.

Speaking to B-Metro, Talent Mangwiro — who claims to have been one of the community members that caught Hondoro in the act — said at first they assumed the goat had been attacked by a wild animal.

“We were drinking around midday and we heard the bleating of a goat but initially ignored the sounds as we thought it had been caught by one of the wild animals since it’s common in our area,” he said.

The goat’s bleating would stop then start again periodically.

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“The goat would bleat for a few minutes, let’s say 10 minutes, then we would not hear the sounds for a while only for the goat to start bleating again.

This went on for some time until we eventually decided to investigate and maybe possibly rescue the goat from whatever animal was attacking it,” added Mangwiro.

Instead of a wild animal attacking the goat, the villagers were stunned to find a man pleasuring himself —without protection.

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“We were stunned and scared at the same time. Hondoro was having sexual intercourse with the animal. When he heard us, he did not try to run but only looked up at us probably trying to come up with a plan,” he said.

Then instant mob justice followed.

The perpetrator incensed the villagers when he couldn’t give an explanation why he was involved in bestiality acts with the animal.

B-Metro caught up with Hondoro whose comments left these journalists in awe.

“I was told by a sangoma to look for a black goat, which he instructed me to have 10 rounds of sex with. I did exactly that but other villagers disturbed the procedure as they caught me at the ninth round.

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Now I have to look for that same goat and finish the job so that I become rich,” added Hondoro, who seemed quite disturbed and troubled.