Plus size woman attacked with acid by her ex-lover (graphic photos)

A plus size woman in Anambra State, named Nkiru Okoye, experienced a high level of wickedness, after her ex-lover allegedly attacked her with acid, which landed in critical state in hospital.

According to reports gathered, the woman had been formerly married, but broke up with her spouse, before falling in love with the said ex-lover.

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Reports have it that the said young man is actually younger than Nkiru, hence his family insisted they put an end to the relationship as their son would never marry an older woman. The lady’s family also concurred, but the young man wouldn’t give up, it was said.

According to Tobenna Obiano, things got so bad when the lady insisted that they must part ways to respect their families and their excuse of age. But the young man insisted that if he doesn’t end up with the lady, no one else would have her.

It was alleged that he had once attacked her. He had sneaked into Nkiru’s room at night and tried to strangle her. Neighbors rescued her but she never made any formal report either to the local vigilante or to the police.

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Soon after the said incident, the young man sneaked into her room again through the back door, and as Nkiru was about unlocking her door, he poured a bowl of raw acid on her, which ran down through her ear, neck region, breast to her back section.

He poured a second one again on her, extending from her back down to all-over her buttocks and even towards her laps. The lady has since been transferred from a hospital in Awka to an Orthopedic hospital in Enugu state ,where she’s currently being treated.

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Graphic photos below (Viewers discretion is advised)