About us

My name is Afolayan Solomon, I come from Nigeria, Ekiti-State to be precise. I am a graduate of Statistics from one of the State Universities in Nigeria.

Why I Chose News Updates
I chose latest news updates because of the passion and care I have for things that happen around me. So the only way to satisfy my thirst and passion is to open a platform that reaches the global world at once. It is also in the trait of Statisticians to bring facts from reliable figures

My Hobbies
I am Churchy, I watch football(Nigerian Football League, English Premier League and Spanish La Liga), I love reading, I love browsing and blogging.

Parting Words
I welcome you to my site of news uninterrupted, bookmark and share news from here. I am sure you will always be up to date as you continue to visit here

  • For any questions of clarity and other possible enquiry, contact me